“Regional Development” Foundation is established with Foundation act from Mr.  Slavcho Vasilev on 08.04.2005


The foundation is managed by the Chairperson – Mrs. Viktoria Slavkova.


The Foundation is a non-profit organization which carries out public benefit activities for development and strengthening of education, science, culture, environmental protection, local and regional governments, civil protection. Also, “Regional Development” Foundation advise, make researches and analysis related to her aims.


The Foundation is independent in its actions by political bias and can not be related with political interests, such as organizing political campaigns.


For the Foundation is working a dynamic group of experts with experience in project consulting. Our team is familiar with the mechanisms of administration and management of European funds. We know that this is the best way to understand your problems and expectations.


We use individual approach for each partner and optimize solution in terms of its uniqueness. For this reason, "Regional Development" Foundation doesn’t offer standard solutions. Our focus has always been aimed at understanding the needs of our partners and selects the best and most effective concept.


Aims of the  “Regional Development” Foundation:


  • To prepare conceptions and projects for improvement of economic base;
  • To create trans-border structures and partnership between supporting organizations;
  • To encourage cultural exchange;
  • To establish local regional organizations;
  • To research in the field of planning and development in order to define development priorities together;
  • To prepare conceptions and projects for improvement of social, economic, administrative and environmental climate in Bulgaria;
  • To support and promote philanthropy and charity tradition in Bulgaria;
  • To cooperate with state and municipal authorities, local and international organizations to develop projects to achieve the objectives of the Foundation;
  • To support and cooperate with other organizations having the same objectives;




“Regional Development” Foundation made ​​and offers, to her partners, many fields in which the Foundation is developing and work 


  • Organizing seminars, meetings, round tables, conferences and competitions in Bulgaria and abroad
  • Cooperation with prepositions to the local and central authority for adoption or more effective and transparent work methods and approaches
  • Establishing relations and interactions with other national and international organizations with similar activities;
  • Preparing information materials, analyses, opinions, and materials and giving them to the government and to the state administration;
  • Preparing conceptions and projects for improvement of social, economic, administrative and ecological climate;
  • Organizes press conferences on issues concerning Foundation’s activities;
  • Cooperates in development civil society’s position;
  • Creation of cross-border structures and partnership between supporting organizations;
  • Creates initiatives for local employment, educational and training activities;