Project: Training on Health and Safety for workers in the Environment Industrial Sector – THESEIS



Regional Development Foundation gain the Project: Training on Health and Safety for workers in the Environment Industrial Sector – THESEIS. The project has been funded in the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme under the action of LEONARDO DA VINCI Multilateral Projects for Development of innovation.

THESEIS project aims at developing, testing, validating and disseminating an innovative training model in the field of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) for the workers occupied in the pollution management sector of eco-industry.

THESEIS instructional strategy is anticipated to create a learning culture on OHS aspects according to learner needs where collaborative learning with multiple perspectives and self-management will be promoted.

The training model will be developed and implemented using a phased, extensively interactive collaborative approach incorporating early stakeholder involvement in the design of the learning outcomes and services, as well as utilizing graphic-oriented tools for the analysis and design stages for the production of vocational training material. The training model will use a web-based Virtual Community Platform (VCP) which will provide powerful and rich-on line information, multilingual interaction and networking and collaborative information publishing services between users.

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If you are interested of the project please answer the questions in the questionnaire, which relates with training Needs Analysis on health and safety for workers in the environment industrial sector – please CLICK HERE.